Hello Harrisonburg Hits Town

helloHburgFormer Mayor and current City Council member Kai Degner launched a new communication tool on June 1, 2015, in the way of a local podcast focused on Harrisonburg. Hello Harrisonburg features one-on-one conversations between Kai and local leaders, designers, entrepreneurs, business owners, activists, educators … to help tell the story of Harrisonburg, VA.

About 30 minutes each, Hello Harrisonburg episodes embrace themes which so far have included Downtown Revitalization, Innovation & Economic Development, and for the week of June 28- July 3: Sustainability.

Sustainability interviewees were (click on the name to access their podcast):

Charles Hendricks of The Gaines Group kicks off this week’s five-episode Sustainability Week with an information-rich interview focused on how his architectural services can make residential and commercial buildings energy efficient, durable, and healthy.  Charles is a United States Green Building Council LEED Accredited Profession, and a National Home Builders Association Certified Green Professional and Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist.

Tune in to hear how Charles designed a 4,000 square-foot Crossroads Farm home that has a $150/mo electric bill (half of which is for the jacuzzi!).  Also, hear how Thomas Jefferson’s plan for UVA’s Academic Village inspired Charles’ work.

How did a political science and journalism student become a general manager at the Friendly City Food Coop and an advocate for sustainable food systems?  Tune in and find out!  This episode of Hello Harrisonburg features Steve Cooke, General Manager of the Friendly City Food Coop, who shares a ton of great examples of how FCFC is contributing to making Harrisonburg a more sustainable place.

Tom Domonoske was the first person in Harrisonburg to install photovoltaic solar arrays on a Harrisonburg residential property, be linked with the electric grid, and set up net-metering with the Harrisonburg Electric Commission.  Tom is an attorney focused on consumer credit work, involved in predatory lending, improper foreclosure, and other consumer protection cases.  He joins Hello Harrisonburg for Sustainability Week to share his perspective on sustainability actions being driven by saving dollars, increasing personal freedom, and waking up happy.

Alleyn Harned takes Sustainability Week on the road.  As Executive Director of Virginia Clean Cities, a nonprofit devoted to promoting alternative fuel vehicles and technologies in Virginia, Alleyn is working at the intersection of policy, markets, and technology.  He and his team partner with private companies and governmental entities to make fleet-level switches away from solely diesel and gasoline powered vehicles towards a range of alternate fuel options.

Hear about Virginia Clean Cities work to install the first electric vehicle charger in Harrisonburg, plus other alternative fuel success stories from around the Commonwealth.

Hear Ros O’Brien discuss her motivation and plans for inspiring individual contributions towards promoting sustainable lifestyles in Harrisonburg and elsewhere.

Ros discusses www.SustainHburg.com, a website she created and maintains with other volunteers to share sustainability projects, ideas, and advocates.  Learn how to get involved by contacting her!  And, Ros announces plans to start a Sustain Hburg book club – check the Sustain Hburg website, Facebook page, and newsletter for updates.

Hello Harrisonburg is a platform to keep conversations and meaningful dialogue flowing and for community members to make connections … not unlike one of Kai’s previous projects, The OrangeBand Initiative.

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