Going Green in 2013

Last year, 2012, was the first full year of the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Green Network. It has been an amazing process, with many of the area’s leading green organizations, businesses, and individuals coming together to build the “network” and give it a mission. And muscle.

It was exciting to take part in and support some familiar community events, such as the Green Expo and Green Drinks, while also collaborating to create new events, such as the City Council Candidates Forum. As with any collective effort, things can move slowly at times…but for HRGN, 2012 was a year of encouraging accomplishments and steady progress.

Now we are in a new year, and the members of HRGN are looking forward to doing even more to help everyone in our community to go green in 2013. As many of us make resolutions for the new year, the members of HRGN can reflect on our mission and goals as a way to strengthen our resolve, motivate our actions, and foster our collaborative spirit. The mission and goals are as follows:

HRGN is organized for the public good for the purpose of creating a Sustainable Environment for all Citizens in Rockingham County and the City of Harrisonburg. To accomplish this purpose, we intend to:
1. Educate the public and government officials within our community about green issues.
2. Reduce the burden of local government by helping identify ways to promote environmental sustainability through energy efficiency, conservation, the use of renewable energy sources, promotion of local food systems, and fostering healthy natural systems.
3. Help local businesses, churches, and other organizations identify and implement strategies to become more energy efficient and sustainable in their practices and operation.
4. To the extent possible, devote time, energy, and a limited amount of our resources to advocate on legislation and/or regulation affecting energy efficiency, conservation, the use of renewable energy sources, promotion of local food systems, fostering healthy natural systems, or other types involving environmental sustainability.

Currently, HRGN offers the community some informative tools to help us accomplish this mission:
1. Our website (recently redesigned!) and Facebook pages.
2. Our monthly HRGN newsletter.
3. Our green calendar (on our website), listing upcoming green events.
4. Green events in the community.
5. Opportunities to join the network as a Member (organizations, businesses, etc.) or an Affiliate (individuals).

We hope that 2013 will be the greenest year yet for everyone. We encourage you to take part in this collaborative effort to make Harrisonburg-Rockingham, the Valley, and beyond a truly sustainable, joyful community in which to live!