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Green Earth

We are a full service recycler of aluminum, cardboard, concrete, paper, plastic & wood and shingles, providing curbside pickup of recyclable materials for residential, commercial, and construction sites.

Green Earth has an on-site recycling center for:
• Shingles
• Organic composting material (Grass, shrub clippings & brush)
• Wood and brush
• Asphalt
• Block and brick
• Concrete - clean and dirty (with wire or steel in it)

We will provide a roll-off container and haul it for you OR you may bring it to our site.

Office Hours:
Monday through Thursday, 7am—5pm; Friday, 7am—3pm
Materials Accepted:
Monday through Thursday, 7:30am—4:30pm; Friday, 7am—1pm

Only accepting #2 plastics.
3330 Kratzer Rd.
Harrisonburg, VA 22803