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Harrisonburg Community Bike Map


The Harrisonburg Community Bike Map is a resource to help bicyclists choose routes along city streets and separated paths to get them to school, work, and around the City.

Getting places by bike is a different experience than getting there by car; the best route for driving might not be the best route to bike.

When selecting a bike route, things to consider might include:

• How much traffic is on a street? Quieter streets make for a more pleasant ride.
• How wide is the street? Wider streets leave plenty of room for bicyclists on the sides.
• How many hills are along the route? Hills can be fun going down, but take some extra effort getting back up.

The Harrisonburg Community Bike Map classifies streets by cycling comfort based on the amount of stress a bicyclist is likely to encounter given a set of characteristics, such as the number of travel lanes, vehicle speeds, presence of a right turn lane, presence of bike lanes, and the type intersection traffic control.
Harrisonburg, VA