Eat Your Grass

The title of this article probably does not make a lot of sense…nor should it. Most of us, unless we are rabbits or worms or another type of critter, tend towards greens like kale, lettuce, cabbage, and spinach. Yet we all have to eat, and if even a part of the iconic suburban lawn is […]

HR Green Tales: Friends of Shenandoah Mountain

Friends of Shenandoah Mountain (FOSM) is a local conservation organization dedicated to permanently protecting our wild heritage on Shenandoah Mountain. FOSM is seeking designation of the area of the George Washington National Forest between Rt. 33 and Rt. 250 as a National Scenic Area with core areas designated as wilderness. As Lynn Cameron, co-chair of […]

Skirting a Superstorm…for Now

The Shenandoah Valley was lucky in the recent “superstorm” (aka “Frankenstorm”) created when Hurricane Sandy collided with two other weather systems. New Jersey and New York were devastated, and many other areas were hard hit by this massive, powerful storm. The Northeast had devastating flooding, rain, and wind, and West Virginia was buried under snow. […]

HR Green Tales: Friendly City Food Co-op

Friendly City Food Co-op has some deep roots in Harrisonburg. It grew out of the Little Store, which was a small local-focused, natural foods store operated by the Little Grill in the Rose’s shopping center. After years of effort by dedicated members of the community, and some pretty impressive fundraising, Friendly City opened its doors […]